Government Surveillance: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  1. Who could have thought this would happen in Tennessee? Really? We can all see it’s happening all over the United States. Racism, has always been around. It never went away. If the school is not doing anything about it, then they are obviously simply a Christian School in name only. God said, there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing and if you truly pay attention it is not hard to see who they are. The evil one that they follow loves to show himself around, he doesn’t let those who follow him keep quiet and hidden. It is amazing that so many make the choice to believe and follow the devil. The devil can only put thoughts your mind and try to corrupt you, but when you act on it, it is a choice and God certainly does not sleep and He knows all. Anyone can say God does not exist. Anyone can say He isn’t real. Anyone can reject Him and try to take Him away on everything and anything. Sorry, it is not going to happen. He was here from the beginning, til now, and forever. Pray for these people, it is all we can do.

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