Man Beaten by Police Officer During Jaywalking Arrest Speaks Out

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  1. We should always apologize for the wrong we do, no matter what it is. I truly hope that there would be changes made and for the better of the communities and the nation. I, personally have not given birth to a child but I do have many nieces and nephews, and I have step children and if one of them would die or be killed, I could only hope that I would be strong enough and have courage to overcome the pain of such. Now, we should never have racism as we are all “human”. God said, that we should love our neighbor as ourselves, which are hard for some to accept. Imagine, one of your loved ones who were just walking or just minding their own business and happened to be shot and killed for no reason, and that child or relative of yours has a record and considered a convict or thug, but you know them to be loving towards their family, would you still say that it is ok for a thug to be killed? Many, have relatives and even children who have lost their way and it does not matter which community they belong, there has been people who come from wealthy family who has committed crimes, how did it feel when they were killed? Some, I am sure can relate to this as it happens. I’m glad at least that Police Chief stepped up and made an apology. Whether it is accepted or not, he did his part.

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